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Old Army Art

Football Print

Football Print

You’re not just a fan of Aggie Football, you ARE the 12th Man. You stand alongside 37,000 comrades in one of the top-ranked football stadiums in the country cheering your team to victory.

When you look at this print, you don’t just see a football player; you hear the roar of the stadium. You feel it shaking under your feet -a little more than was comfortable freshman year. This one’s for Aggie Football fans, young and old. Those that stood behind Coach Slocum and those that will stand behind the coaches to come.

Bring the energy of Aggie Football into your home.

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Digital print on 100# cardstock



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About the Artist

After bring frustrated that he couldn't find a concise art series that illustrated all of the biggest traditions at Texas A&M, he set out on a journey to do it himself. 

With 20 years of professional art experience, Chad knew he could create something beautiful, but first he had to research the history. 

After 3 years of digging deep into A&M's archives and dozens of interviews with prominent Aggie historians, he has emerged with the Traditions Series.

With this work, we hope to carry the Aggie legacy forward and spread the valuable history of Texas A&M far and wide.